Cemar’s Excellence Service

Cemar Electro strives to maintain the highest standard of manufacturing and quality control. We back our products with the best warranty in the industry; 2 years parts and labor on both new lasers and repairs. Cemar Electro have loaners available for critical situations; just contact our Customer Service for details.


Your local distributor has been trained to handle most potential issues with regards to installation and module replacement.  All service requests should be directed to Cemar Electro or the distributor as soon as possible.   We promise to deal with every service request quickly and efficiently.

If your laser in not functioning please contact us immediately and do not under any circumstance attempt to repair the laser yourself without authorization and guidance from our service team as this will void the warranty and potentially damage the unit.

Please contact us before sending a laser in that requires factory service. We will provide instructions for returning the unit and issue an RMA reference.


Our distributors are trained to install the systems for you and installations can be co-ordinated with them. Cemar also has installation technicians available on demand at a nominal daily rate plus expenses.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE LENS. Do not attempt to repair the laser yourself. Lasers can be harmful to your eyes if not handled properly. Please consult our laser safety guidelines for more complete safety data .Our highly trained staff will quickly and safely repair your unit. Any attempt to open or repair the laser will void the warranty.